Sunday, March 25, 2012

BTB Marcela "Hunger Games" Movie Review

*SPOILERS AHEAD! If you have not read the books or seen the movie, move to the next post!!!!*

My humble review:

Well my dear bitches let me tell you that this movie BLEW MY MIND!

Of course I read the books (twice) and there will always be details that will not be included on the movies, but over all, in my opinion the movie fucking rocked!

So overall I loved the film and did not dissapoint. But here are some of the comments I have:

1.- The movie did seem a little too rush, like everything was happening way too fast (exactly like Twilight way too rushed!!) I was like WTF! I've been waiting for this forever and where are my details!? but then I got over it.
2.- I literally LOL When Katniss finds Peeta and he is hiding camouflaged as a fucking rock! I was like WTF?
3.- The customs, clothing and accessories were all awesome, but I was a little disappointed when the "Jewel Dress" looked like a cheap prom dress... still cute tho, and the Capitol people, they were all freaks, just like the book.
4.- The one thing I really liked was all the views of the games from the Gamemaker’s perspective, but at the same time I really feel like it crosses the line a bit. Part of what makes the Capitol so scary is you don’t know what they do behind the scenes.
5.- I also couldn’t take President Snow seriously, which sucked because he was honestly the only character that I had a clear image of in my head (I imagined him looking like John Waters lol) I can’t be afraid of him when he looks like Santa, or Colonel Sanders from KFC. I can’t.6.- Fucking Lenny Kravitz rocked as Cinna, I love Cinna & his fabulous gold eyeliner. Effie and her awkward lines, rocked too!
7.- I for real thought I was going to have to leave when Rue died. I was like holy shit I’m going to start whimpering and crying out loud. My face was all sorts of dumb looking, spasming & my chin quivering. You could hear others around me, including a grown man, whimpering and sobbing so I felt a little better about it but still, holy crapballs *sobs*

So yeah. 

What did you think?!?! 
Leave your comments below! 


Marcela♥Airhumps♥Hard4Rob-BTB® said...

Oh! and the awkward moment when Peeta grabs Katniss braid before the berries, I was like uh? 

♥K~K♥WaitingOnBD2!♥BTB♥ said...

Being one out of probably over a million who has never read the books( I know crazy) I went to see it yesterday and the clothing in the city freaked me the fuck out. I have to admit it was good although I'll probably never be as into them as I am with Twilight which is mostly because of the God that is.... you know who I'm talking about.

K I'm done!

leahreallyitis said...

oh that's really cool I am glad you liked it :)

WastedGirl*BTB* said...

agree: Fucking Fantastic!
I feel like I should rate it like : 2 balls and an erect cock!
- but only cause I'm with my BTB's.

I had hot date night with the hubs, and he gives it a 5/5 and said he'd see it again.

Can't wait  for the sequels!

WastedGirl*BTB* said...

I have no idea how i missed that fucktastic interview by NGtv!

LMAO!  Sex dolls, sex swings, man scaping - I love it!

P.S. - I cried like a baby when Rue died  :(

★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB said...

Tolds ya it was funny! 

ARayOfSunshine(Nida) said...

Loved the movie, but hated the camera work! I almost got sick  of all those blurs, camera shakings and crazy close-ups. 
I think the camera direction took away from what was otherwise a very enjoyable movie. So I give 8/10
And I can't wait for next movies!!:))

★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB said...

Hey stranger! How have you been?? You need to comment ALOT more! *wink*

ARayOfSunshine(Nida) said...

Oh love, life is a bitch! I don't have much time  so I just try to please myself by reading your fucktastinc posts and those kinky comments, love you girls!<3

★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB said...

 LMFAO @GIF!!!   

RL is a bitch and loves to try to bring us BTBs down but it never will. You know this is your 2nd home and we're always here! *smooch*

ARayOfSunshine(Nida) said...

LOL was it in book?
Because of all things you chose to do, you chose to admire her braid?!?! like really?!?REALLY?!!! KISS HER!
I was laughing my ass off! but I can't say I didn't like it, It was cute and like awww sweet. Well Team Peeniss because Katpee is just too much!lol

ARayOfSunshine(Nida) said...

Ahhh thank you, love!! It Rally IS like 2nd home, and you are the best bitches I know!

Marcela♥Airhumps♥Hard4Rob-BTB® said...

LMFAO!!!!!!! YES!!!! That first gif!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

He just randomly grabs her braid! it like WTF?! LOL

I FLOVE YOU Nida!!!! We've missed you!!! ♥♥♥

★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB said...

And we all love you the more back! ♥

MegO said...

Well I finally sat down and read the book. The book was good it definitely didn't draw me in like Twilight but I enjoyed it. Now I just have to go see the movie!