Wednesday, August 14, 2013


“I get further away every day,” she told Variety. “I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be.”

For once I'm at loss of words...

so you are DONE with Twilight?
You dispise it so much, you say its not a happy place?


So let me refrase:
You are saying, "thanks for you money twats, now fuck off"?

You ungrateful cow!

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*copied from comments*
Cindy says:
So when I met you at the BD2 fan camp and premiere and you were smiling taking pictures, was that all a fake?!! You didn’t want to be there? You hated every moment of it? Were you over it then and just pretending to want to be there? WHERE YOU LYING TO WHOLE TIME?!!!!!!

Would George Lucas ever say he’s over Star Wars – that it’s “not a happy place to be?” Would Steven Spielberg ever say that Indiana Jones is “not a happy place to be?” Would J.K. Rowlings ever say that she’s over Harry Potter and that he is “not a happy place to be?” ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

I have never seen one of the most disrespectful attitudes against the fans who love this story ever. How dare she! She is ungrateful, hateful, egotistical, stuck up, evil, nasty, snobbish and so much more.

She basically slapped everyone who made those films in the face basically stating, “Thanks for making me rich, now F*CK OFF!”

Well Mrs. Meyer, you the rue the day you made this statement. Every dime you spend is thanks to us, the Twihards you now hate so much. Yeah, the ones who took you from an average housewife with a dream about a vampire to a successful writer who is now making movies in Hollywood. Yes, we put you there. Gave you that producer’s chair. Now we see the real Stephenie.

I have two words for you…VERONICA ROTH. She wrote a book about her male character Four unlike you who refuse to finish Midnight Sun as a punishment to the fans who made you a rich woman.

Well, I hate to say this but, once we get over you, you will regret it. Hate you back babe. The Potterheads have Pottermore and look what we get…an ungrateful witch.

From a Twihard who’s over SM (I will never say her name ever again because I’m over her)

***I fucking love you Cindy!!!

Choke on a Twinkie you you you...


I've been a bad BTB and deserve punishment!

*bends over and bats eyelashes*
is that a ridding crop??

Well, please forgive me!

I even missed half DeeDee's crazy ramp!

I'm still in Europe, in the longest vacations known to man, and dying to come home! LOL
T-minus 8 days! jesus fuck!

Please accept this token of appreciation!
Miss you! Love you!