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Fifty Shades of Grey: Should It Be a Movie – Or on TV?

Monday March 26, 2012 04:00 PM EDT

Fifty Shades of Grey: Should It Be a Movie – Or on TV?

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey, the bestselling erotic novel that's attracted legions of female fans, is not only the hottest book around. It's the biggest "get" for movie studios.

According to several outlets, the major companies have been clamoring for the film rights to the steamy trilogy and the chance to bring Christian Grey to the big screen. Deadline reported Monday that Universal Pictures and Focus Features have already won rights to the book.

But where are the small screen developers in all the buzz? Anyone who's read even a slice of the steamy trilogy knows that a film wouldn't do the book justice within R-rated territory. Instead of going the way of the sexual addiction-themed Shame, – which was critically-acclaimed but attracted only brave NC-17 moviegoers – Shades might find a more comfortable home in living rooms.

Take HBO. This wouldn't be the first time that the network pushed the boundaries with sex. It was 14 years ago that HBO got women everywhere talking with a little show called Sex and the City. Between the frank talk about sex and the nudity to spare, it was something of a TV revolution.

Other series on the cable network have been even more sexually forthcoming. Anyone who's watched True Blood, Hung or even the 1990s-born Real Sex (the name says it all if you haven't seen it) should prove that HBO (full disclosure: which like PEOPLE is owned by Time Warner) can go places that most movies simply cannot.

In addition to the privacy-of-your-own-home, glass-of-wine-in-hand element that a TV show would provide, the storyline would also be well suited to a weekly format.

Rather than squirming uncomfortably through a 2-hour movie chock full of sex scenes, a series could feature one such scene per week. And (SPOILER ALERT!) in the second book, Fifty Shades Darker, Grey and Anastasia Steele's relationship takes a big plot turn and becomes more of a thriller. That storyline is a natural fit for weekly cliffhangers.

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Tell us, your fellow BTBs what you think.

Fifty is spreading like wildfire! It's blowing up and now everyone will know about it. Well, all the ones who've lived under rocks for the past couple of years.

Thanks Aurora! You da best!


Karen60BTB said...

My only complaint is that if it goes to TV, Rob and Kristen would not be part of it...sad panda face!!!

Karen60BTB said...

I don't disagree with the TV format, because of the depth of the subject matter it would fare well, and as much as I'd love to see it on the big screen, soooo much would be cut out...You have to get to 50Shades Darker to really understand why Christian does what he does and how Ana understands him.

Aurora23 said...

I think it should be a CABLE TV series like Spartacus Blood & Sand which shows nudity, sex, scandal the works!

If they won't go to TV series then if it is made into movies, they should be NC-17 for sure! Just like SHAME was!!!

I love how now everyone is on to this but all of us BTB's have known about it forever!


I agree Karen that if it is a TV series then we would lose out on R & K which would suck but then we still may get them to do it if the powers of BTB unite!

leahreallyitis said...

I would rather have it as a mini series on HBO and as the article stated, HBO has a rep for steping over the boundries of sex and does not hold back where as in a theater it would definitly without a doubt cut some "key" things out and they would(the movie studios) want to have it an R rating they would not want a Nc-17 they would do everything in their power to keep it R rated now take Cosmo for instants, this movie could be an NC-17 because DC does not hold back that is for sure and like the Boogie Nights oh man that movie was an NC-17 at the time but on DVD it was R rated

leahreallyitis said...

yeah that is so true and well said I do hope though that it does get on HBO I love HBO and I LOVE Fifty Shades of Grey would'nt be awesome if it became a tv series on HBO GOD I WOULD FLIP!

leahreallyitis said...

Rob would not agree to do it and I think it should be a different cast anyway yeah I know we all picture Rob as this charater but think about it do you honestly think he would be interested.. and it started out being a FF a "Twi-fan fic and that is thing kind of thing Rob would not be interested in cuz it is too close to thje "Edward image IMO anyway LOL

Karen60BTB said...

You are so right...It is way too close to Twilight in everyone's eyes. Here's to wishful thinking though!

JIMD-Trubies-LupinTonks said...

Yes to HBO! They did a brilliant job turning True Blood into a TV Series, and surely enough they'll do this one a great deal of job! Wonder if E.L.James will help writing the screenplay and casting ala Suzanne Collins' THG..

AZ_Chica_BTB said...

I am a greedy bitch... I want both - Fifty on screen in a rated "R" or "NC-17" trilogy, and on cable tv as a mini-series... a la Sex in the City!!!!!!!!!