Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Now available for pre-order from Amazon is two new Twilight graphic novels.

First, is the Twilight Collector's Edition. I'm guessing this is just a combination of the two individual Twilight graphic novels.

Second, is the New Moon graphic novel volume 1.

Release date for both books are 11-30-12.

Hope this helps with any BTB Twilight collectors out there!


Marcela♥Airhumps♥Hard4Rob-BTB® said...

I love me some graphic novels! AKA: Gay faces! LOL

*My bad to all Twilight Graphic Novel's lovers! LMFAO!!!! But I really think they all look so gay, I really wish I could apply eye shadow like Edward... 

And why is Jacob's ears so tiny! Well, even as tiny they are still bigger than Bella's arms


Aurora23❤BTB❤® said...

I gave in and bought both!

And I fucking love it and don't care! :p

Marcela♥Airhumps♥Hard4Rob-BTB® said...


Atta girl! I'm gonna buy them too... I'm a sucker for twilight shit... I fought with myself forever, but I ended up pre-ordering the Twilight Saga: Illustrated Guide anyways! LOL!!!  There was absolutely nothing I didn't already know... but you understand right?!?! WE FUCKING NEED IT!!!!! LOL!!!!! 

star4_BTB® said...

So, what IS the deal with graphic novels, I've always wondered?  There are movies and movie companions with tons of pictures of the hotties we want to see. 

Who draws these pictures?  Was the artist selected by SM, in order to portray what she really wanted them to look like?  Is it SM way of saying... "No.  R/K are NOT the proper E/B.... this is what they should have looked like".

Regardless, I've never had a problem with graphic novels, but I would be really upset to find out that the above reason was true.  Hopefully it is just a way to put into pictures, what was missed in the movies.

JIMD-Fangbanger-BTB said...

OH MY GOD YES. The first one is unbelievable. These books are rather accurate and the characters' faces are original. They're not the Twilight casts' faces. And they're actually real close to the description. The artist worked with Stephenie Meyer too, to get it accurate. Just freaking amazing. If you loved the book before the casting, you'll love this even more! :D It blew my mind. I thought it was silly and then I see how much they missed out in the movies, and it's like reading the novel again  but gahh..I have no words. I freaking love it!!