Friday, May 4, 2012


The day has cum that all us horny USA BTBs have been waiting for!

I figure the site will be a ghost town because all you horny bitches will be too busy watching and fucking Bel Ami. And I couldn't be happier!

Just remember to take breaks and drink plenty of water to replenish your fluids...all your fluids.
*evil grin*

And after you watch it once or twice or 100 times please come and write your review of it.


Marcela♥Airhumps♥Hard4Rob-BTB® said...

I didn't to see it last night... and probs today or tomorrow either *wails harder*
Sunday will be BelAmi day for me!! 

JIMD-Fangbanger-BTB said...

Oh fuck. Why did it come out at the same day as The Avengers? -_____-. It's just about the worst timing anyone could fit a movie into. 
I suppose it's a good weekend to get your panties wet in the cinemas. Too much sexy men on screen is VERY healthy. Have fun, Americans!

✭MegO-BTB✭ said...

Ummm I fucking hate everyone who gets to see it right now! iTunes Canada didn't get it, my PS3 and XBox won't let Canadian residents rent it nor will fucking Amazon! This is complete and udder fucking bullshit! For fucksakes I am fucking fuming mad! I'll have to wait till I can see it on fucking DVD! How much of a piss off is that!!! Ugh! This is one pissed off fucking Canadian! 

Marcela♥Airhumps♥Hard4Rob-BTB® said...

That fucking picture of DuRob..... GAHHHHH FUCK ME! He is so hot... why! WHY!!!! 

JIMD-Fangbanger-BTB said...

And then you suddenly wonder if all full-bearded, homeless hobos are good looking....

Aurora23❤BTB❤® said...

Still have not seen it! Damn it! Been helping my BFF watch her kid and getting ready for a baptism tomorrow so no time to watch and the weekend is packed!  I need to get this movie online ASAP & watch! the wait has been long enough!!! 

Karen said...

I got up at 3AM to watch this mother fucker...and it was worth it! All the actors did a great job and the costumes were beautiful. I am not a fan of period pieces, but this was well done. Rob did an excellent job being a douchbag! I think I would piss him off on purpose just tonsee the passion in his eyes!