Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Thanksgiving:

Watch your intake of Rob,
You don't wanna end up in the hospital due an overdose!

Meh, who are we kidding, I'll see you bitches in rehab! 

Here you go,

Now die bitches!



IheartLMC*BTB said...

Hmmmmm...I will definitely be in the Meat group! Gotta love some good crotch porn! (thus my new name..hee hee)

PinkLady_BTB® said...

'Robgasim' though?! Not 'Robgasm'?! Sounds weird! Or am I not understanding it?

Robsfantastic said...

I can always count on getting some Rob porn, whenever I come hear, I always get my fix!!! You're right that pick of Rob above is a panty dropping killer.

Robsfantastic said...

I had to come over and take a peek at my little sweety once again. That face, those eyes, that succulent bottom lip, the jaw line, ! Thats a perfect looking man:)

✭MegO-BTB✭ said...

Well they say a well balanced diet takes from all groups..... so sign me the fuck up! lol.

I hope all you American BTBs had a great Thanksgiving! It's quiet I hope no one is in a turkey coma or a Rob coma.... well a Rob coma I can understand! I'm glad we do Thanksgiving in Canada beginning of October.... I get a break between turkey feasts! Although you lucky bitches get all the good sales!