Tuesday, November 20, 2012


...There's this girl in the mirror, I wonder who she is. 
Sometimes I think I know her and sometimes I wish I did. 
There is a story in her eyes, lullabies, and goodbye. 
When she's looking back at me I can tell...
she's hurting inside...

*Wipes tears, blows snot*

Is Breaking Dawn Part 2 killing you inside?

Well, I may have something that may spark the fire in our souls!

Twilight might be back as a TV series.

HOW do I feel about this??

Different cast...
Hmmm, I guess it depends who my BTBs have in mind to be Edward and Bella!

Who will be Daddy C, Esme, and the siblings?!
Decisions, decisions! 

Full Story HERE


Anonymous said...

Oh i don't think so! Just like robward will only be 50! Rob will only b Edward! End of!

mell61 ★BTB® said...

agreed.... the cast are the cast... although, I suspect the rest of the cullens may continue to be played by the cast, it being regular work and all!

✭MegO-BTB✭ said...

I agree Angela! No one else is Edward.... end of story! 

MFOXY♥Im.IronMan♥Hard4Rob-BTB® said...


Seriously, I think chon wants his role back! LOL

Anonymous said...

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