Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I've been a bad BTB and deserve punishment!

*bends over and bats eyelashes*
is that a ridding crop??

Well, please forgive me!

I even missed half DeeDee's crazy ramp!

I'm still in Europe, in the longest vacations known to man, and dying to come home! LOL
T-minus 8 days! jesus fuck!

Please accept this token of appreciation!
Miss you! Love you!


IheartRP*BTB*Dior*Rover*MTTS said...

Marcela! Please come home soon! I need another LV weekend with a BTB...miss you muches...

MFOXY♥Im.IronMan♥Hard4Rob-BTB® said...

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss you like a twat!!!

I'll be back in vegas on the 24! FREAKING FINALLY!

JRbutnotTHEJR said...

Someone needs to get Cindy's comment to SM somehow.