Thursday, March 7, 2013


Just in case you couldn't get enough of the last post here are the other videos from youtube's, "screenjunkies" and their honest trailers of Twilight.



star4_BTB® said...

These trailers were fucking hilarious, especially the BD one. 
I JUST watched BD2 for the first time when I bought the DVD last Saturday.  I was watching with the fam, so I fast forwarded the cottage scene.  Believe you me, I watched the movie again a few days later by myself and rewound the scene a few times. ;-)
The movie was pretty good. Loved the end with E-B in the field, and also loved the curtain call.  Renesmee's CGI was for CRAP!  Poor girl, I really like Mackenzie... those babies and toddlers COULD have been absolutely adorable, if the special effects crew has their shit together.

Miss you all!  Life is crazy, and I check in here every once in a while, but never have time to comment.

xoxo  ♥ 

✭MegO-BTB✭ said...

I agree about the CGI was really disappointed with that.... :(

✭MegO-BTB✭ said...

Okay OT question.... 

Any of my BTBs Veronica Mars fans? I was and still am and they have a kickstarter that Rob Thomas set up to get the movie made! They've reached 1 million after half a freaking day!!!

Anonymous said...

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