Sunday, February 10, 2013


This clip has spread like NR's legs at an American Idol audition!

I really wanted this clip in the movie but hopefully it will be part of the BD1 Extended Edition that is coming out on 3/2 with the other 100 different BD editions. 


MFOXY♥Im.IronMan♥Hard4Rob-BTB® said...

NR wins for worse actress ever LOL "You got food on my hair..."
Oh shut up!Lol

Is bella already dead?? 

MFOXY♥Im.IronMan♥Hard4Rob-BTB® said...

the hot dog is eating a hot dog... get it?


So lame, I blame my lack of coffee!!! LOL

★FreezeBurn♥RobMyHeart★BTB® said...

LOL!! I get it and I don't drink coffee but I am crazy. :)

★FreezeBurn♥RobMyHeart★BTB® said...

IKR! You'd think from NR's track record she would be use to getting wieners thrown at her head/face and getting stuff in her hair. That's NR whore code 101.

Yep. She looks dead to me. Is this one of those alternative endings???? lol

✭MegO-BTB✭ said...

LMAO I wish they'd left this in the first time! 

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the BTS with Rob holding babies! Fuck!!

✭MegO-BTB✭ said...

Ovaries exploded many times with that!!!!